Terms and Conditions:
These standard terms and conditions apply to participation in event FIT Challenge 19.
1. Conversation and sharing of any material between teams is strictly prohibited
2. All the required IDEs will be installed in Lab Computers.
3. Participants must bring their participation cards along with them for authorization purpose before the event starts
4. Internet and mobile phone usage will not be allowed during the competition.
5. Personal laptops are not allowed (except few) in competitions. PCs will be assigned to participants.
6. Judge’s decision will be final and cannot be challenged.
7. If any team caught in violating the rules and regulations, team will be disqualified from the competition.
8. Participants must follow timings strictly for the smooth execution of events. If a person or team is late, they’ll be disqualified immediately.
9. Students must be current undergraduate/post graduate of any institute.
10. Internet will only be allowed to specified competitions.
11. Organizers are allowed to participate in only one competition.