Computer Vision Research Group


Dr Saleem Ullah
Dr. Abu Bakar Sidique


Bushra Mughal Muizu Din
Group Leader: Dr. Muhammad Abubakar Siddique Focal Person: Ms. Bushra Mughal


Computer Vision Group at Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology(KFUEIT) has been established to cater the industrial needs of the region and as well as the socio economic needs of the country. The group mainly focuses on computer vision applications for mobile devices, robotics and automotive platforms. We are also interested in all aspects of image understanding and visual object recognition in images and video.


The Computer Vision Research Groups (CVRG) aims todevelop and investigate intelligent methods and algorithms that perform important visual perception tasks such as human motion recognition, scene categorization, integrative scene understanding, material recognition, object recognition etc.

Research Areas:

  •  Pattern Recognition
  •  Medical Image Analysis
  •  Feature Extraction
  •  Human Computer Interaction
  •  Natural Language Processing
Courses Offered:
Sr. # Course Code Course Name
1 COSC-6105 Computer Vision
2 COSC-6108 Natural Language Processing
3 COSC-6109 Deep Learning
4 COSC-5112 Machine Learning
5 COSC-5118 Advanced Digital Image Processing
6 COSC-7106 Pattern Recognition
7 COSC-7107 Multimedia Retrieval Techniques
8 COCS-3109 Artificial Intelligence
9 COCS-3109 Digital Image Processing